What is the difference between a holistic
dentist and a regular dentist?

A healthy oral cavity can be a major boon. Our teeth play such a crucial part in our daily life. They assist us in chewing and digestion of food , help us in communication and phonetics and also give our face its form. A smile provides additional advantages in daily life. It can improve our self-confidence, have an impact on our social and professional life and behaviour. Which is why it is essential to take the greatest possible care of our oral health. There are two major types of dentists: holistic and regular. However, there is a huge difference between a holistic dentist and a regular dentist.

Holistic Dentist VS Regular Dentist

Holistic dentistry has gained popularity recently because its unique approach since natural therapies appeal more to many people. The difference between a holistic dentist and a regular dentist is that a holistic dentist is a dental health specialist who resorts to non-conventional dental procedures. In contrast, traditional dentists make use of conventional treatments for oral care. It indicates that holistic dentist treatment emphasises on all aspects of wellness while focusing on oral concerns.
When we talk about Holistic Dentist VS Regular Dentist, a person’s physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being is a part of natural dentistry. For example, a biological dentist would recommend regular exercise, which reduces stress and can also assist in maintaining oral health.

What approach is used by holistic dentistry?

The holistic approach to dentistry entails more than just providing the necessary or symptomatic care. It advises and informs patients on the various ways that dentistry can affect the general health. For instance, patients are made aware of the close links of certain conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders with mouth problems, including tooth decay and gum disease. The holistic dentist may also discuss the environmental, dietary, and physical factors that affect a person’s life. Since a holistic dentist handles the overall body of a person therefore, before treating dental decay or gum disease, matters like diet, weight, stress levels, and even regulating one’s sleeping patterns are addressed initially. Holistic dentists focus on prevention rather than treating symptoms before they develop into serious health issues.
Hence, holistic dentists will thoroughly examine your general health when you visit their dental office. You will be questioned about your health issues, and your most recent medical records. The dentists will then examine the oral health after that. By observing the patient’s posture, eye, chin, and lip positions, holistic dentists can determine whether the patients have an issue right away. All of these variables can help the dentists determine the type of oral troubles the patient has been facing, which can help highlight other problems. For example, while holistic dentists are examining the mouth of the patient, breathing problems may also be indicated by looking at the tongue position and the teeth grinding.

What is the difference between a Holistic Dentist and Regular Dentist?

A holistic dentist provides both standard and alternative dental care. A holistic dentist treatment combines natural therapies and cutting-edge dental care to safely and effectively cure the issue by detecting underlying bodily imbalances.
A holistic dentist and patient relationship is based on open communication. The patient is expected to disclose private medical and health information to the Dentist without fear of being judged.
A difference between holistic Dentist and regular Dentist is that holistic dentists vehemently oppose the fluoridation of youngsters. According to holistic dentists, fluoride lowers a child’s IQ, weakens bones and increases the chance of fractures, causes white spots on teeth, and damages the thyroid.
Another difference between a holistic Dentist and regular Dentist is when you visit a traditional dentist who performs conventional dental operations, it might lead to several fillings for many patients. Many filling materials used by a traditional dentist can have adverse effects on a patient’s body. Use of mercury is the major Difference between a Holistic Dentist and Regular Dentist. Holistic dentists avoid the use of mercury strongly or hard metals in their procedures. These traditional silver fillings, which include mercury, have been proven to have detrimental impacts on health in recent studies.
One more difference between a holistic dentist and regular dentist is that holistic or natural dentists try to forgo drilling techniques, unlike a traditional dentist. For instance, when a patient needs a filling, the Dentist will use a non-toxic filling material after ensuring that most of the tooth is still intact. Instead of filling cavities followed by provision of full coverage dental crowns, which requires a lot of tooth structure to be removed, they employ inlays. In addition, they seldom suggest wisdom tooth removal or root canal therapy unless essential.
Increasing amounts of data highlights that procedures like root canals, dental implants, and the usage of toxic substances like fluoride and latex are wrong for human health and aggravate existing conditions. Using non-toxic, holistic dental treatment, a holistic dentist strives to treat patients considering their overall health. Many patients’ emotional and physical health has been significantly improved as a result of these holistic treatments.