Mercury Free Dentistry

Our practice is mercury free and we are dedicated to a holistic approach to dentistry.

What is mercury free?

Silver fillings are a filling that contain actual mercury. Silver fillings are also called amalgam fillings by dentists. Amalgam is a compound that contains the heavy metal mercury, which is a toxic material.

Amalgam has been used as a filling material for more than 150 years. This does not mean that its use should continue without question. It has now been scientifically proven beyond any doubt that mercury vapour releases from the surface of these fillings during chewing and the consumption of hot liquids. This vapour passes through the skin in the mouth, and into the body.

Mercury has a strong affinity to lipid or fatty tissue. The biggest organ accumulation of fatty tissue is the brain and nervous system. This can have an effect on the endocrine and immune systems.
People have varied immune system responses. A breakdown of the body’s immune system often presents a varied number of symptoms.
The presence of other heavy metals, notably lead, cadmium, aluminium and nickel, worsen immune depression.

Here at Oldmachar Dental Care, we have chosen to be mercury free as standard. This means that we do not place silver amalgam fillings for any of our restorations. Instead, we choose to use healthier materials that are more bio-compatible with the body. We are also well equipped to safely remove any old amalgam fillings for you and replace them with white fillings instead.

Before and after photo of amalgam removal

Why you are right to be concerned
about your mercury fillings

Video transcript

Interviewer: “So, Verena, tell me why someone should be concerned about their mercury fillings.”

Verena: “Yea, because mercury simply as that is not healthy for your body. The fillings corrode, and every time you swallow the mercury can spread through your whole body and all your organs are affected. Even if you just chew or drink tea the mercury corrodes. There is a site you can look it up and I’m a member of it, that is the IAOMT site, they’re the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and they have done years and year of research on it.

There’s one video on their site that show that if you just take a rubber and just rub the mercury filling you can see vapour coming off. I have had loads of patients coming from all over to have their mercury fillings removed because they are certain that it has an impact on their health.

We cannot guarantee that your health then dramatically changes for the better after we’ve removed them, but what we can guarantee is that your mercury fillings are removed in a very safe way, so we are a mercury safe practice.

Interviewer: “Right, I see… ”

Verena: “Yea, we’ve got certain machines here, we have very good suctions here and I follow a high standard protocol of how to remove these fillings and to replace them with a good material which is really good for you.”

Why you are right to be concerned
about your mercury fillings.

“We chose to be a mercury free practise and are a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.”

– Dr Verena Tunn, Principal Dentist

In a 1997 publication the British Dental Association stated, “About 3% of the population are estimated to suffer from mercury sensitivity.” From a population of 65 million that is 1.75 million people in this country with showing symptoms from mercury toxicity. A large number indeed!

Our Aim & Mission

Our approach at Oldmachar Dental Care is not to pressure patients to rush to remove their mercury fillings at once. However, we decided to be a Mercury Free dental practice. We believe that it is in the best interests of our patients’ to use only materials that are healthy for the body. This means materials that are well accepted by the body and won’t cause any heavy side effects in the future.

We use ceramics and white fillings for our restorations. Our practice is dedicated to a holistic approach to dentistry. By getting to know you and your needs, we can create an individual treatment plan for your dental health and aesthetics.

We will look at your general state of health and consider how it is affected by your dental status.
We also consider nutrition and lifestyle and will suggest ways to improve which go beyond traditional dentistry. We believe in quality over quantity, taking our time and getting it right. We aim to build a relationship of mutual trust with our patients and emphasize courteous and caring treatment.

Our Amalgam Removal Procedure and Safety Protcols

Removal Procedure
  1. Local anaesthetic is placed or alternative pain relief where requested.
  2. The rubber dam is placed, supported with a special clasp around the tooth. The patient is able to breathe through the nose and swallow beneath the rubber dam. To communicate, patient should raise their left hand and we will provide pen and piece of paper to write any questions or special requests throughout.
  3. Amalgam filling is carefully removed with a special bur that reduces mercury vapour and the nurse aspirates (provides suction) throughout. The tooth is cleaned and then a new white composite filling is placed.
  4. Rubber dam is removed.
  5. Before and after photo is presented to the patient.
Safety Protocols
  1. During procedure only the teeth being worked on are exposed. In order to achieve this we use a rubber dam (a latex free rubber sheet) that is placed over the mouth. If the patient does not feel comfortable with this, we have an alternative method using a special frame that stays in the mouth during the whole procedure, and just protects the lips from exposure.
  2. We use an external suction device within the room that filters the air and collects all mercury vapour in order to protect patient and operators against inhalation.
  3. We also use very powerful chair side suction which is operated by our trained nurse. This makes sure that all amalgam particles are removed and the oral cavity is protected.
  4. During the amalgam removal part of the process the Dental Nurse and Dentist wear special masks as they are exposed to amalgam vapour couple hours every day. The patient is only exposed for about 10 minutes during the whole procedure.
  5. Eyes are protected with glasses.
  6. We can also provide you with a separate oxygen supply. (An extra charge applies for this)

One couple’s journey to becoming
free from mercury

Video transcript

Yasmine: So today with us in the practice we have George McInnes and Francoise Martin.They are spending their summer holidays in Scotland, they live in France and they have come to receive some holistic dental treatment from Vernena.

So Francoise, tell us how did you hear about the practice?

Fransoise: Well it’s been quite a long search because we wanted to find a holistic dentist, actually we found one in France but he refused to remove our silver fillings. We were quite at a loss as to how to find someone who would do that, because such practitioners are quite rare in France.

Mercury is still the rule in France or what you call silver fillings in the UK, and for the past few months if not years we had detected that we had more and more ailments. We didn’t know that they were related to mercury poisoning. It’s only recently that we found out, when my husband had an accident and broke his tooth, and so we started searching for what was the cause of the problems he had. It was almost impossible to find a dentist in France who would do the job in that way.

So my husband being Scottish and myself French and coming to Scotland for the holidays, I love Scotland very much, we tried to look on the internet before leaving. We started looking for a holistic dentist who would help us with the mercury poisoning. I must say that there are not many people in the UK either doing that, but we were quite attracted to the website first, your site looked so lovely and so full of hope and optimistic feelings that it attracted our attention. Then we wrote to you to take an appointment and I must say we have not been disappointed at all!

Not only was the welcome warm and gentle and friendly but we’ve had a first class treatment. It’s already beginning to make a really big difference. We’ve noticed an increase in our energy, I don’t feel as much brain fog as I had which was a big concern of mine, it’s not yet over but it’s beginning to go away. I had sinus problems and a kind of thing in my jaw here that was uncomfortable and it has gone after the first part of the treatment.

George: I think that overall it has really all ready made a difference and all that with such a smiling atmosphere so much gentleness, no pain at all. I can only recommend your coming here to have your silver fillings removed.

George: I was just attracted to the friendliness of the people and obviously we looked through the site and it seemed to be ideal, we found someone we thought might be able to help us and we haven’t been disappointed that’s’ for sure.

My aliments, I have a lot of ailments, joint pain, I suddenly developed heart problems, or so called ‘heart problems’ I had my heart checked twice they couldn’t find anything wrong with it so obviously we researched the mercury amalgam problem and it all pointed to my heart problem, but since I’ve had some of the amalgams removed, obviously I still have some to get done, but I have been feeling better.

My heart problem has abated a little, my blood pressure which was fluctuating up and down which from the research we did is quite typical of mercury poisoning, that is also coming down, it’s not going to happen overnight but the difference is amazing and the treatment is first class the way I’ve been treated and like my partner, no pain, or little pain and it’s wonderful and we’re reaping the benefits now of getting the amalgams removed.

So I certainly recommend anyone who wants to have their silver fillings, and I would stress it is a good idea to have them removed before you start getting real problems as we’ve had happened to us because we’ve had the filings for decades, is to find a practice preferably this one if you can come and I can highly recommend it.

Fransoise: Highly so.

One couple’s journey to becoming
free from mercury poisoning

“Not only was the welcome warm and gentle and friendly but we’ve had a first class treatment. It’s already beginning to make a really big difference.”

– Francoise Martin

… I have just returned home from Aberdeen. I have been there for two days having 9 fillings replaced… I was met by Jessica and made to feel comfortable from the very beginning and very welcome… I was relaxed all through the 1st day’s removals. It was painless and I felt champion. 2nd day I went to have the remaining removed… Would I go there if I had my choice all over again? YES I would… My overall experience was very pleasant and professional and they live up to their name calm and gentle. Many thanks to Oldmachar Dental Care I am now mercury free.

– Lavina Bell

For more information about amalgam and white composite fillings, download
our free article "Why should I replace my mercury fillings?"

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