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Straighter Teeth for a Confident Smile and Improved Gum Health

There are many reasons people consider teeth straightening, and there are many benefits to this treatment. We are here to listen to your personal needs and work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your circumstances. With a variety of treatment options available, we will consider your schedule, budget, and type of braces you would prefer, so that each step of the way to straighter teeth is comfortable.

Most people (who come to us) are bothered not only by the look of their teeth but also the daily inconveniences they experience. Such as the stray salad leaves that always get stuck at the same place in the teeth when enjoying a meal, or the floss that breaks in between the lower front teeth, as it does every night. But rather than neglecting your flossing or avoiding specific foods have you ever considered: “If my teeth were straighter …could I floss better? …could I enjoy meals with friends without those embarrassing displays of what I’ve eaten for lunch?”

The answer is yes!
You can floss more easily and eat with confidence once the teeth are straight.

Once the teeth are standing straight you can clean them better too, and as a result you have healthier gums and the overall life span of your teeth might be considerably prolonged. Straighter teeth can also mean an improved bite, allowing you to chew food more easily and prevent food getting caught in between your teeth.

“But my age?” you might ask!

There is no upper age limit, and it is never too late to take charge of your bite and improve your dental hygiene! Straighter teeth results in healthier gums. Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your teeth.

When it comes to age, we are only cautious about treatment with the younger generation. We prefer to start orthodontic treatment with children and adolescents only once they are reliably cooperating and understand the responsibilities of wearing braces. We always consider the children’s psychology as well – is your youngster ready to wear braces?

Frequently Asked Questions

"What type of braces do you offer?"

In most cases we used fixed braces. This is a much more convenient approach for you compared with removable aligners because you don’t have to remind yourself to wear the braces (they are already in your mouth 24/7) and there’s also no risk of accidentally throwing them out with your lunch tray!

Fixed braces also offer a bigger range of movement where needed and are suitable for all sizes of teeth, including extra small teeth and molars. They can also reduce overall treatment time and can easily be adjusted should this be required. Contemporary fixed braces have come a long way in recent years and can offer a discreet solution for your needs, without compromising on aesthetics for the wearer.

We can offer a range of fixed brackets to suit your budget and your aesthetic requirements. The brackets are available in clear and tooth coloured finishes for a more discreet look that offers the wearer more confidence, as well as stainless steel. You will be advised about all the options available to you and we will help you make an informed decision.

What’s more, at the practice we are now on the path to being completely independent from large companies offering systems that promise smiles in 6 months or straight teeth very fast. This is because we believe timescales can only be agreed with the patient individually and depend on the circumstances we are presented with (We always give an estimated time scale for treatment though and are upfront about all aspects of your treatment, including aftercare.). Independence also allows us to select the most sophisticated orthodontic technology to increase patient comfort and support your needs.

Every person is different, and should be treated accordingly. Our independence allows us to select an appliance specific to your needs and personal circumstances.

"I’d like to make an appointment to discuss my options."

We have a 2 step process at the practice for assessing your suitability and treatment options.

Appointment 1:
As a new patient to us you will be invited for an initial examination first of all – this is a thorough examination with the dentist to assess your dental fitness. It is also a chance for you to meet the team, and for us to start learning more about you and your needs.

  • Assessment of your overall dentition and thorough examination to check for teeth and gum health, and check for decay
  • Small X-rays may be taken, and a treatment plan will be devised to address any issues if necessary

On top of this you will receive a free smile audit with Dr Tunn to find out “Am I suitable to wear braces?” This is an informal chat about your concerns and a brief assessment if braces in general are possible in your case.

  • Photos will be taken during this appointment and you will be referred for an OPT (Full mouth X-ray) to check your bone health.

Appointment 2:

If you would like to continue with orthodontic treatment after your initial appointment, you are then invited back for a second appointment for a comprehensive assessment.

  • Impressions will be made which involves taking a mold of your teeth. This allows us to carry out a detailed assessment of your situation.
  • You will be given presentation of the detailed mouth & profile analysis
  • You will receive demonstration of the photos we have taken
  • You will be presented with your personal proposed treatment options
  • You will be given a cost estimate and length of treatment estimate

Once you have been given all the information, including risks and expected outcomes, and you are equipped to make an informed decision we then can proceed with the braces treatment.

In most cases teeth can be made straighter and your bite improved… Your teeth can move to create an even and confident smile!!

We would like to note that results can only be predicted. Human nature and all its variables can cause problems of growth and development and there are genetic limitations. Additionally patient cooperation can alter the expected outcomes. As such, it important that your expectations do not exceed what is physically possible and you must be comfortable accepting that whilst we can achieve a more functional and aesthetically pleasing smile, we cannot achieve total perfection.

We welcome and encourage your continuous feedback throughout and prior to your treatment so we can better understand your concerns and can appropriately align your expectations with achievable outcomes. Your comfort and understanding of treatment throughout is our priority.

“How much does treatment cost?”

We believe that when you sign up to a treatment plan with us that you are making an investment in your health and in your future. We believe in this investment and so we invest our time and care, and expertise to give you your healthiest and happiest smile.

All of our treatment plans are personally devised and tailored to your needs and individual requirements, and so consequently the fee (your investment) is assessed individually dependent on the complexity of the case. Our fees take into consideration the duration of treatment, the complexity and the different materials required. There are no hidden costs – we will provide you with a clear price and payment schedule before you start treatment.

Initial Consultation Cost:
PLUS free smile audit

Comprehensive orthodontic assessment:

Price given at consultation

Treatment fees will be individually assessed and are dependent on the duration and complexity of each case.
After an initial payment, the cost of treatment is spread out and payable in instalments at each appointment, although we do offer a discount for those patients who which to pay in full at the start of treatment. Appointments can be 3 to 6 weeks apart – you choose the pace of your treatment to suit your circumstances best.

Additional Information and aftercare advice

What to Expect During Treatment

  • Your teeth and lips may be sore for about 1 – 2 weeks (everyone is different)
  • If you have BITE GUARDS placed on your teeth (most patients) you will be able to bite on the bite guards. Your other teeth won’t touch for about 2-4 months into treatment.
  • You will get used to eating with the bite guards! Hang in there!
  • Use ibuprofen (or other pain meds) to help aid with discomfort as and when needed

If One of the Braces (Brackets) Comes Off

  • Don’t panic! It is not considered an emergency if a bracket comes off.
  • If one pops off your tooth, it will sometimes come out of your mouth and it will sometimes stay on the wire. Remove it from your mouth if it is causing discomfort.
  • If the dislodged brace (bracket) isn’t hurting you, try to hang on to it until you come in for your next adjustment
  • You are responsible for keeping the braces on your teeth, please be careful! See our dietary advice below to help keep them in place!

Avoid the Following Foods

  • Anything that is harder than a pretzel.
  • Crusts, nuts, bagels, chicken wings, popcorn, raw vegetables, whole fruit, sweets/toffee. This list is not extensive – use your common sense for judging foods that could dislodge one of your brackets.
  • Spaghetti sauce, red wine, coffee, tea, strawberries, blueberries, curry, dark soda’s, red juices and any other highly coloured foods drinks that could stain your braces. Try to limit your consumption of food that could stain.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

  • Brush like crazy! It is your responsibility to keep your teeth clean.
  • Keep all plaque off your teeth to avoid tartar build up. Plaque and tartar build up can slow the process of braces down.
  • Use your fingernail or a toothpick to check all soft plaque and debris have been removed.
  • Flossing can be difficult but it is important you floss thoroughly twice per week. If you need guidance, please ask.
  • Remember: your adjustments will be easier if your teeth are clean!

Please call us on 01224 827095 if you have any questions that are not answered on this form. We are here to help you!

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