About Holistic Dentist
Aberdeen – Alexandre Falk

Dr Falk, a Dentist in Aberdeen at Old Machar, is invested to make your experience pleasant, in concern of your health and well-being by promoting biocompatible materials and a non-toxic approach to dentistry. He is also focused on practising pain-free dentistry for those who find it difficult to get on the dental chair because of the anxiety


At Oldmachar Dental Care in Aberdeen, we care for more than just your teeth. We do life changing dentistry using materials that are good for you and your body. With our calm and gentle dentistry we help you forget about the past and start fresh. All our treatments are focused to relieve you from aches and pains and to work as gently as possible, giving you pain free dentistry. We use modern techniques and an efficient suction system providing the patient and dental staff with a mercury free source of air and protecting the environment with approved mercury recycling equipment. At Oldmachar Dental Care in Aberdeen, we care.


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Mercury and Metal Free Dentistry

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Scaling and Polishing

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Bridges and Zirconia Crowns

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Fixed Retainers

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Membership Package

Did you know we offer patients a dental membership plan?

Are you tired of waiting a long time to be seen by the dentist?

Would you like to have your treatments prioritised?

Do you travel a lot and would like to be covered for any unplanned dental emergencies while abroad?

New patient consultation for

Nervous, Anxious and Phobic patients.

Holistic Dental Consultation £120

This is a 60 minute appointment which includes
Dental Check-Up
Two small X-rays
Oral health assessment
(includes analysis of your health, lifestyle, diet and stress levels)

Why Mercury-Free
Dentistry Is Beneficial?

The advantages of mercury-free dentistry are substantial when you live in a time when dangerous chemicals are always present. Epoxy resin that is safe and toxic-free is used to create Mercury-free fillings. Beautiful porcelain crowns are created in mercury-free dentistry to treat more severe deterioration. For a natural appearance, fillings and crowns match your teeth’ colour and are far more appealing. Mercury-free fillings can potentially safeguard your teeth against future issues like cracks and strengthen the teeth as a result. These fillings save water resources and wildlife. Composite fillings have less post-operative sensitivity.
Hence, you are not only bettering your family’s oral health but the overall environment as well by choosing mercury-free dentistry.

Reviews and Testimonials

Alex is an absolute magician, I can’t rate him highly enough. I had 7 amalgam fillings replaced and all 3 appointments were totally painless. So painless that I fell asleep.

Jasmin Corbett

My first appointment with Alex was amazing, can’t wait till next appointment. You are amazing 🤩

ieva brenceva

After my regular check up my mouth felt as if it has been at the spa for a day.
My head is full of all the advice my dentist gave.
He really put me at ease.

Georgina Murray