Mercury Free Dentistry in Aberdeen

What is Mercury Free Dentistry and how
do I get Metal Free Fillings?


People are now more aware of the potential effects of drugs ingested by our bodies on our overall physical health. It shouldn’t be any different in dental treatment, which is why holistic dentistry is gaining popularity. Advancement in biological dentistry provides alternatives that consider our overall health. If you are not visiting a mercury-free dentist, you likely have mercury fillings in your mouth to fill cavities.

To prevent toxicity for everyone, especially the chemical sensitivity, biological dentists support mercury-free dentistry in Aberdeen. Due to the health issues with mercury highlighted over time, Metal free dentists do not utilise mercury or amalgam in their treatments.

What is Mercury Free Dentistry?

A dental clinic that has consciously decided to stop using mercury altogether is said to practice mercury-free dentistry. Holistic dentists have discontinued using mercury in dental products due to technological improvements, environmental concerns, and informational accessibility. Mercury-free dentistry is widely considered now for fillings, inlays, and onlays that are healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Why Is Dental Amalgam Harmful?

Dental amalgam has long been the least expensive option for dental fillings. Dental amalgam is made up primarily of liquid mercury and powdered silver, tin, and copper. Many patients are shocked to hear that mercury fillings, sometimes referred to as “silver” fillings, can contain as much as 55% mercury. It is discouraging for those trying to lead healthy lives to learn that even products used to restore teeth may have dangerous ingredients. Several people call these “silver” fillings to deceive the buyer. Mercury is a recognised neurotoxin that causes the body to emit poisons after being placed in the mouth. This unnecessary usage of mercury is harming our bodies and the ecosystem.

Why Mercury-Free Dentistry Is Beneficial?

The advantages of mercury-free dentistry are substantial when you live in a time when dangerous chemicals are always present. Epoxy resin that is safe and toxic-free is used to create Mercury-free fillings. Beautiful porcelain crowns are created in mercury-free dentistry to treat more severe deterioration. For a natural appearance, fillings and crowns match your teeth’ colour and are far more appealing. Mercury-free fillings can potentially safeguard your teeth against future issues like cracks and strengthen the teeth as a result. These fillings save water resources and wildlife. Composite fillings have less post-operative sensitivity.
Hence, you are not only bettering your family’s oral health but the overall environment as well by choosing mercury-free dentistry.

What are the risks associated with the Removal of amalgam fillings?

Although dentists recommend not removing amalgam fillings unless essential, there is a way to do so securely. During the procedure, serious safety precautions are taken to avoid mercury exposure and to safeguard the patient, the dentist, and the dental assistant from injury. In a perfect world, mercury fillings wouldn’t need to be taken out and replaced unless they were damaged or about to fall out.

Who treats Mercury Free fillings & how is it determined if you can get them?

Holistic dentists usually support mercury free dentistry. Oral health problems in a method that focuses on the problem’s source is a concern of a holistic dentist. For instance, holistic dentists discuss how you might alter your diet or lifestyle to prevent gum disease, but a traditional dentist may only clean your gums to maintain the health of your gums. When you visit a holistic dentist for dental treatment for the first time, they will take the time to get to know you as a person. They will carefully examine your mouth and evaluate your overall health, habits, and medical background to better understand your holistic health. Following that, they’ll work with you to address any present risks if you already have mercury fillings before replacing it or giving you a metal free filling in case of need.

Why are most dentists recommending mercury-free fillings in Aberdeen?

The advantages of metal fillings are their low cost, strength, durability, and ease of use in restoring teeth. Even while metal fillings are still widely used today, neither safety nor aesthetic appeal is thought to be its strongest points. To limit mercury toxicity and avoid environmental pollution, there is a push for mercury-free fillings in Aberdeen. Hence, many dentists advise switching out metal fillings for dental composite fillings to enhance patient and environmental safety.