Membership Package

Did you know we offer patients a dental membership plan?

Are you tired of waiting a long time to be seen by the dentist?

Would you like to have your treatments prioritised?

Do you travel a lot and would like to be covered for any unplanned dental emergencies while abroad?


Benefits of the independent plan to patients

  1. Affordably monthly payments.
  2. Patients can spread the cost of hygiene visits.
  3. Regular visits are important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
  4. No registration fees
  5. Priority appointments
  6. Improved oral health by regular visits
  7. Dental emergencies plus priority to be seen
  8. Patient is covered from the date of signing the contract.
  9. Patients are covered when travelling abroad (they just need to keep receipts and can claim the money back)
  10. Oral cancer cover up to £2500 as long as they are 6 months on the plan
  11. Patients get a 15% discount on all other treatments.
  12. Family discount (1 person 5%, second 10% and third 15% but it must come from 1 direct debit.