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Brighten Your Smile with Professional Teeth Bleaching Aberdeen

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. This is because over-the-counter products often lead to uneven whitening and sensitivity. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening ensures safe, effective, and long-lasting results. At Old Machar Dental Care, we use advanced whitening techniques and high-quality products that are clinically proven to be both safe and effective.

At Old Machar Dental Care, our teeth whitening services are developed to enhance your tooth’s natural beauty in the safest way. Whether your teeth have become discoloured due to coffee, tea, wine, smoking, or the natural ageing process, our expert team is here to help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

Common Myths About Teeth Whitening

There are several misconceptions surrounding teeth whitening. One common myth is that whitening damages enamel; however, professional treatments are safe and effective when performed correctly. Another myth is that whitening toothpaste can achieve the same results as professional treatments, but it only removes surface stains. Some believe that home remedies like baking soda and lemon juice are effective, but these can be abrasive and harm teeth. Lastly, many think that teeth whitening results are permanent; in reality, maintenance and regular touch-ups are necessary to maintain a bright smile.

Causes of Teeth Discolouration

Teeth discolouration can occur for various reasons and understanding these causes can help you make informed decisions about your oral health. Common causes include:

  • Dietary Habits: Consuming beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and foods with strong pigments can lead to staining.
  • Tobacco Use: Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause significant discolouration over time.
  • Ageing: As we age the enamel on our teeth can wear down revealing the yellowish dentin beneath.
  • Medications: Some particular medications can cause teeth to become discoloured.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene: Inadequate brushing and flossing can allow plaque and tartar to build up which leads to yellowing.

Our Teeth Whitening Process

  • Initial Consultation: First, we suggest a thorough consultation. Our dentists will assess your oral health and discuss your whitening goals. This ensures that the treatment is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Customised Treatment Plan: Based on your consultation, we will develop a personalised treatment plan. We offer custom-made whitening trays for home use, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Effective Whitening Solutions: Our clinic provides quality custom-fitted trays and professional-grade whitening gel for at-home use. Our dentists will guide you on how to use the kit effectively to achieve the best results over a period of weeks. This ensures a safe and efficient whitening process tailored to your schedule and comfort.

Maintaining Your Whiter Smile

After your teeth whitening treatment, it’s essential to maintain your bright teeth. Here are some tips to help you keep your teeth looking their best:


  • Good Oral Hygiene: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to remove plaque and prevent staining.
  • Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks: Limit your intake of coffee, tea, red wine, and other foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.
  • Regular Dental Check-Ups: Visit our dental practice for regular cleanings and check-ups to keep your teeth healthy and white.
  • Use a Straw: When drinking beverages that can stain, use a straw to minimise contact with your teeth.
  • Touch-Up Treatments: Consider periodic touch-up treatments to maintain the brightness of your smile.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Old Machar Dental Care

  • Safe and Supervised: All treatments are conducted under the supervision of qualified dentists. It ensures maximum safety and efficacy.
  • Personalised Care: We tailor our treatments to your oral health to provide the best possible results for your smile.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Whether you choose in-office treatment or a home whitening kit, we provide comprehensive instructions and support to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • Long-Lasting Results: With proper care and maintenance, the results of our teeth whitening treatments can last for several months.

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