Teeth Whitening in Aberdeen

How Teeth Whitening is done in Aberdeen?

Although everyone aspires to have a bright shining hollywood smile, very few people are born with naturally white, bright teeth. Our teeth can vary in colour, like our hair and skin tones. As we age, our teeth’ colour changes, and other elements like what we eat and drink can also impact us. Dark berries, balsamic vinegar, coffee, red wine, curry, and these other substances can stain teeth. On the other hand, our teeth may have gradually darkened due to taking certain prescription drugs or antibiotics. But majorly, with smoking, a calculus (tartar) buildup can also cause teeth to appear yellow. However, whiter teeth result in a more confident and youthful smile. With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, various teeth whitening options are available in Aberdeen.

Teeth whitening Aberdeen

For years, the popularity of teeth whitening in Aberdeen has skyrocketed.
Everyone wants white teeth, regardless of age or social standing, to look younger, increase confidence, and maintain good oral health.

To lighten your teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces, teeth whitening treatment is an effortless and popular procedure to whiten natural tooth enamel quickly. The method used most frequently for teeth whitening is professional bleaching. Your dentist determines whether you are a good candidate for the procedure and will oversee it if you are.

Methods used for Aberdeen Teeth whitening in Aberdeen

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the active ingredients used to whiten teeth. As the active ingredient is broken down, oxygen enters the tooth enamel, lightening the colour of the teeth. Instead of laser or surgical teeth whitening systems, most teeth whitening treatments in Aberdeen offer professional home whitening kits. This approach yields a result that lasts significantly longer. Costs are also significantly lower because there is less time involved at dental clinics.
Other teeth whitening treatment options are available with a dentist and professional teeth whitening in Aberdeen. These include; whitening toothpaste, strips, pens, bleaching trays, and products with activated charcoal.

How do dentists in Aberdeen evaluate your oral health for teeth whitening?

Cosmetic dentists in Aberdeen know how important your smile is to you and that your motivations sometimes solely depend on a brighter smile. To determine whether your teeth are in good condition for a whitening treatment, cosmetic dentists in Aberdeen will expertly evaluate them.
The dentist will use a high-end air polisher to professionally remove stains from your teeth before starting whitening treatment.
Tartar is removed from teeth using a Prophy-Jet, and baking soda buffs the teeth’ surface gently. This step ensures that the right shade is obtained while preparing your teeth for the best whitening application.

What are the tips for maintaining a teeth whitening treatment?

It’s up to the patient how long your teeth continue to shine after treatment. The effects of your teeth whitening treatment should last up to three years if you avoid stain-causing substances and maintain a good oral hygiene regimen.

How long will the teeth whitening process in Aberdeen take?

In addition to having a teeth whitening treatment, you can maintain a youthful, radiant smile by taking care of your oral hygiene routine. Foods and drinks known to stain teeth, such as curry and berries, should be avoided or consumed in moderation. Within thirty minutes of eating, you should drink some water or rinse your mouth. Plaque draws stains, so brush and frequently floss your teeth to eliminate any accumulation. Use whitening mouthwash or toothpaste regularly. At least once or twice a year, make an appointment with your dentist for a scale and polish.

What are the risks involved with Teeth whitening treatments?

Although teeth whitening in Aberdeen has been shown to be safe for oral health, there are some factors to consider before beginning any teeth whitening procedure. There are some drawbacks of teeth whitening treatment. Using teeth whitening products may make you uncomfortable, especially if you already have sensitive teeth. The whitening effect is not permanent and differs from person to person. The effect will last less time for those who consume large amounts of coffee and tea along with cigarettes. Alterations to your diet may be necessary if you want to keep your teeth whiter and maintain the results of teeth whitening treatment. You may need to avoid cigarettes and certain foods. Lastly, teeth whitening treatment won’t alter the colour of your veneers or crowns – If the colour of your teeth matches that of your crown or veneer, teeth whitening will only make the colour of your teeth more uneven.