Full and Partial Dentures in Aberdeen

Dentures and Non-metal Partial
Dentures in Aberdeen

Numerous contemporary dentistry improvements have made safeguarding and maintaining our teeth simpler. Despite this, losing a tooth or teeth as we age is still common. However, most people are unaware that having missing teeth replaced by a denture has a significant positive impact on your health and appearance. Dentures and Non-metal Partial Dentures in Aberdeen make it easier for people to speak and eat because they replace missing teeth and supporting tissues.
Complete and partial dentures are the two types of dentures that are offered.

What are the two types of Dentures?

Complete dentures replace all of your natural teeth and support your lips and cheeks because sagging facial muscles can make you look older without them. In contrast, partial dentures are used when natural teeth are still present, and some of them are missing.

Drawbacks of Metal Free Partial Denture

There are some tips given by dentists in Aberdeen to maintain oral health after having non-metal dentures. Good oral hygiene is crucial after inserting a removable partial non-metal denture. The Metal Free Partial Denture will require maintenance and regular brushing and flossing of natural teeth. You can use running water or a sonic denture cleaner to

clean debris off dentures. Using a toothbrush on a denture is not advised because even soft bristles can cause the surface to become rough. After meals, if possible, rinse the partial denture. When the Metal Free Partial Denture is not in use, keep it moist by soaking it in water or denture cleaner.

Non-metal Partial Dentures in Aberdeen

With the constant advancement of technology, partial dentures now come in a wider variety of material than ever before. You no longer need to have metal in your mouth to support partial dentures. Simply put, non-metal partial dentures don’t contain metal.
People choose these partial dentures for aesthetic or metal sensitivity reasons because of the partial dentures without metal clasps. Acrylic or plastic are typically used to make partial dentures without metal.

They frequently have a larger size than metal partial dentures because they lack metal clasps and cover a large surface area for better retention. They are now equally as comfortable as metal dentures, thanks to advancements in denture technology.

What are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture can either be fixed or removable. A fixed bridge replaces one or more missing teeth by crowning the teeth on either side of the gap and affixing artificial teeth to them. The bridge is then affixed with cement. A partial denture covers the spaces left by missing teeth and keeps other teeth from shifting position. A partial denture has internal attachments or clasps that fasten to the neighbouring crowns and is removable. Usually, partial dentures have a more organic appearance.


Many different materials, including plastic, porcelain, and acrylic, can be used to create dentures. When choosing dentures, there isn’t a single best choice that applies to everyone. Three factors should be considered to decide what is best for you both now and in the future: price, durability, and adaptability to changing oral conditions. What type of material is best for your mouth out of all the options on the market? Metal Free Partial Denture is more critical than partial metal denture due to its health benefits.

Drawbacks of Metal Free Partial Denture

It is vital to make an accurate impression because Metal Free Partial Denture is not firmly held in place. Failure to do so may lead to gum damage and sore spots around the teeth. Due to the metal Free Partial Denture material, they are also a little more likely to be damaged and need more cleaning. They probably won’t last as long as metal partials.

Benefits of Metal Free Partial Denture

The main benefit is that they lack metal, making them more aesthetically pleasing. The price of metal-free partial dentures is another significant benefit of non-metal partial dentures. Metal Free Partial Dentures are considerably more affordable than metal partials, which makes them much more readily available to the vast majority of those who require them. They are also simpler to replace, making them a better option for people who may lose additional teeth. Some Metal Free Partial Dentures can be created in less time and with fewer dental visits.