Mercury and Metal free fillings

Is Mercury Free Fillings in Aberdeen a suitable option for dental fillings?

Mercury-free or metal-free fillings typically include a mixture of plastic and ceramic. This is a goodbye to typical silver and mercury-based metal fillings. For dental patients, the metal-free fillings material has several advantages. Metal-free fillings in Aberdeen are increasingly rising to the top of the cosmetic dentistry priority list. Traditional black amalgam fillings were formerly the sole choice for dental patients, but those days are long gone. Because the patient was left with obtrusive dark markings on their teeth after having cavities filled, these conventional fillings gave poor aesthetics without a doubt.

Types of Metal Free Fillings

Metal-free fillings come in many different varieties. The dentist can match the colour of composite fillings to the patient’s natural teeth, which is a popular option. Dentists combine plastic and resin before placing the filling while it is still soft. The substance is hardened in place by the dentist using a special light. Others may never be aware that a person has composite fillings.

Another non-metal option is ceramic fillings. The dentist can also match these fillings to the patient’s teeth. Ceramic has a higher strength than composite resin, which means they might endure longer. Compared to composite materials, ceramic is more resistant to food and beverage stains. Ceramics work as a larger filler because it is a more brittle material.

What is the procedure for Mercury Free Fillings in Aberdeen

The dentist will start providing mercury-free fillings in Aberdeen by removing the decayed portion of the tooth that will be repaired. A gel and bonding agent are applied next to prepare the tooth for the composite. As a result, the composite filling can firmly adhere to the tooth. The composite resin is then applied to the tooth, one layer at a time. The material is shaped properly, then put under UV radiation to harden it up before being cut and polished. Patients should consult their mercury-free dentist to ensure the composite doesn’t contain metals like nickel and aluminium.

How long will my Mercury-free Fillings last on average?

One of its primary selling features is that metal-free fillings are invisible once the treatment is finished inside the patient’s mouth. Traditional fillings are less durable than composite resin ones, but help reinforce the tooth’s structure. There is a noticeable change there. Usually metal-free fillings typically last between 10 and 15 years before they need to be replaced. It’s crucial to maintain good dental hygiene, eg; regularly brushing your teeth, daily flossing, and visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings

Metal fillings are no longer widely used for many reasons, not just this one. The metals employed contain dangerous substances like silver and mercury, which might harm the patient’s general health. Electric currents released from these fillings have also been linked to health problems. On the other hand, metal-free fillings look more natural than their metal counterparts because they match the colour of your teeth. The composite material is adaptable and adheres to the tooth with ease. This implies that less drilling is needed to install the dental fillings. This is a significant advantage because it is always wise to keep the original tooth structure as much as possible. Eventually, this increases the overall strength of the tooth. Additionally, it makes sure the filler doesn’t move and stays put. Metal-free fillings can be easily repaired, one of their many other benefits.

Is mercury-free fillings an expensive option in Aberdeen?

Traditional dental fillings typically cost $50 to $150, while composite fillings can cost between $90 and $250. Furthermore, metal-free fillings hold the tooth more effectively, so you’re getting your money’s worth! The best way to determine your cost is to reach out to your mercury-free dentist in Aberdeen to discuss the payment plans and available options.