Dealing with severe dental pain or a sudden dental injury can be incredibly distressing. Knowing when to see an emergency dentist and what to expect can help alleviate anxiety and ensure you get the appropriate care. A frequent question is whether an emergency dentist will extract a tooth during an emergency visit. Let’s look at the situations that might need emergency tooth extraction. We’ll cover what the procedure involves and how to prepare for this kind of emergency.

When Will an Emergency Dentist Extract a Tooth?

Emergency dentists strive to preserve your teeth whenever possible. Yet, in some situations, extraction may be the best or only solution to relieve pain, prevent infection, or stop additional damage. Here are some common scenarios where an emergency extraction might be necessary:

1. Severe Tooth Decay or Abscess

A decayed tooth or an abscess may need immediate extraction. Antibiotics and a root canal may not be enough. The extraction is needed to stop the infection from spreading.

2. Traumatic Tooth Injury

A tooth that is fractured or broken due to trauma and cannot be repaired might need to be extracted to relieve pain and prevent infection.

3. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can become impacted. They can cause severe pain, swelling, or infection. In this case, they might need immediate removal to stop more problems.

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4. Advanced Gum Disease

In advanced gum disease, the teeth become loose. They might cause severe pain. In such cases, extraction might be needed. It stops the spread of infection and preserves oral health.

What Happens During an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

An emergency tooth extraction follows the same steps as a standard one. The focus is on giving immediate relief. Here’s what typically happens:

  • Initial Assessment: The dentist assesses the severity of the problem and decides if extraction is necessary.

  • Pain Management: Local anaesthesia is administered to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible.

  • Extraction: The dentist uses specialised tools to remove the tooth carefully, ensuring minimal discomfort.

  • Aftercare Instructions: After the procedure, you’ll get guidance on caring for the extraction site. This care is to prevent infection and help healing.

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How to Prepare for an Emergency Tooth Extraction

Facing an emergency extraction can be daunting, but being prepared can make it less stressful:

  • Have Dental Records Ready. If you can, have your dental records to give the emergency dentist background info.

  • Manage pain before the appointment. Use over-the-counter pain pills and cold packs.

  • Insurance Information: Bring your insurance details, as many plans cover emergency dental treatments.

  • Arrange Transportation. If the extraction requires sedation, arrange for someone to drive you to and from the appointment.

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Is an Emergency Tooth Extraction Expensive?

Emergency extractions can be costly, depending on the complexity of the case and the location of the practice. However, many dentists and insurance plans offer options to help manage these unexpected expenses. You must understand your insurance coverage. Check if your plan covers emergencies.


Emergency dentists strive to preserve teeth whenever possible. However, in certain cases, tooth extraction may be necessary. It alleviates pain and prevents further complications. Familiarizing yourself with potential scenarios and outcomes can facilitate the process. Remember to seek prompt dental care for severe pain or trauma to safeguard your oral health in the long run. Contact Oldmachar Dental Care for immediate assistance.

Frequently Asked Question

Can an emergency dentist remove a wisdom tooth?

Yes, an emergency dentist can remove an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. They will do so if it causes severe pain, swelling, or infection and immediate removal is necessary.

 What should I do if I need an emergency extraction?

Get dental care right away. Contact your regular dentist, an emergency clinic, or a hospital with emergency dental services.

 How painful is an emergency extraction?

Emergency extractions are performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring minimal pain during the procedure. Some discomfort is expected post-extraction, which can be managed with prescribed painkillers.

Will my insurance cover emergency extractions?

Dental insurance coverage varies. Check with your provider to see if emergency dental services are included and what percentage of the cost they will cover.

How long does it take to recover from an emergency extraction?

Recovery generally takes one to two weeks. Follow the aftercare instructions from your dentist. They will help healing and prevent problems.